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Where Success Begins!

The International Trucking Association’s (ITA) goal is to help trucking companies with their image, efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness. We offer a wide range of services and tools that are aimed at keeping insurance costs low, improving driver recruitment and retention, and adapting to an everchanging industry.

Members benefit from training for drivers and company management, discounts on a variety of different industries and services, an innovative mobile tool to help promote safety and increase driver retention, onsite visits, and much more aimed at safety and growth of your company.

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An Investment in Management and Drivers

Education is the backbone of any company that wishes to improve their safety and success. The ITA offers the most comprehensive learning experiences. For drivers, our education is tailored to improving safety on the road and creating a culture of safe driving. When a company places culture at the forefront of their policies it will lead to better driver recruitment and retention. For management, training is geared toward promoting a culture of safety at the office, knowing how to communicate with drivers, and adapting to the transportation industry.

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An Encompassing Organization

Overall, the ITA provides your company with multiple tools to help improve not only on road safety performance through our driver safety training resulting in overall profitability increases, but also creating a culture that breeds success.

Our services

More than just a trucking association

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Class Room Training

Want to improve your company? We got it covered. Our training for drivers and management is aimed at helping companies improve their safety culture, reduce costs, recruit and retain your employees, and create growth.

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Running a business isn’t easy, especially in the transportation industry. That’s why the ITA provides all its members with an assortment of discounts with major companies. In order to grow you need to protect your bottom-line.

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On Site Visits

Growing a company and creating a culture of safety doesn’t end in the classroom. The best way to improve a company is by witnessing a company’s current operating procedures.

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Mobile App

Ultimately your safety managers cannot go on the road with your drivers. That’s why the ITA created a safety app for your drivers. The benefits range from safety and voice messages, training videos, trip planner and much more.

Safety Team

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Take advantage of an association that knows transportation and how to create growth and a culture of safety!

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